John Laughon: Jacksonville, Fl. Inmate Brutally Beaten; His Family Wants Answers

On February 22, 2005 at approximately 3:00 a.m. John Gregory "Greg" Laughon was taken from the Duval County Jail in downtown Jacksonville to Shands Hospital. What happened to him between Saturday, February 19, 2005 when he was visited by his mother and the time he arrived at Shands hospital and medical staff found him "pulse less" and "cold to the touch" in the holding area? We want answers and we want to stop law enforcement's abuse of power against all citizens, free or incarcerated.

Friday, February 23, 2007


Well, JSO has started taking depositions. The things they asked about and how far back into Greg's life history is amazing. They asked about things from elementary school. AS IF that had any baring on why they thought they had the right to put him in the hospital in the condition he was in when he arrived on February 22, 2005, or how they treated him when they got to the hospital. He ran a business in Jacksonville for many years without any problems. No one has the right to beat the crap out of a person and put them in the condition my brother was in when I first saw him on February 22, 2005, NO ONE! Two years later and he is still in a bed, needing to be fed through a feeding tube, cleaned and bathed by my mom and my sister and myself. Thanks to JSO he will never have any life, no wife, no kids, no more working...Thanks to JSO!

Depositions? Can't wait til it's my turn, I live 3 hours away, let's see how they handle this one. Better have a subpoena, transportation and expense money for my trip or they will be doing it by phone! I will not be going to their deposition at my expense.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


The Judge has spoken, the Gag Order was denied. As soon as I hear details I will post them to the blog! Thank God for Freedom of Speech!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Lawyers Seek Gag Order In Inmate Abuse Case

POSTED: 5:10 pm EST October 31, 2006
UPDATED: 6:47 pm EST October 31, 2006

John Laughon

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Nearly two months after the family of a bedridden, brain-dead Jacksonville man named the city of Jacksonville, the sheriff's office, and the company that provides medical service to the jail as defendants accused of wrongdoing, lawyers for the city requested a gag order in the lawsuit.

The case dates back to 2005, when police said John Laughon attacked a female deputy while he was in custody, displaying superhuman strength.

Investigators said Laughon was injured while officers were subduing him. Laughon has had no brain activity since the incident took place.

He is currently in a persistent vegetative state, and doctors say there's little chance he'll recover. His mother Ginger Laughon knows her son may never be the same, but she said she wants to know why.

However, the city is trying to stop Laughon from speaking out about how her son became bedridden, asking the judge in the case to implement a gag order.

"Do they have the right to tell me that I cannot speak of my son? This is America. What happened to freedom of speech?" Laughon said.

She said she never leaves her son's side, and does not want to keep quiet about his condition.

"I hope that I am entitled to freedom of speech. I hope that I am able, when people ask me how everything is going, to answer honestly and not say to them, 'I'm sorry. I am not allowed to talk about him,'" Laughon said.
John Laughon
John Laughon

Attorney Sean Cronin said a recent motion filed by the city to silence both him and his client is simply unconstitutional.

"We want the truth and we want justice for what happened," Cronin said. "Mrs. Laughon has a First Amendment right in America to talk about what has happened to her son and what the government has done to her son."

In the motion, city attorneys state, "As a result of the comments made by Plaintiff's counsel and his clients in the news stories the fairness of the trial in the this matter is seriously threatened."

"I pray that they get no where with this order because it would be very hard for me to keep quiet. I would probably wind up in jail," Laughon said.

The Deputy General Council for the city did not immediately return Channel 4's phone calls concerning the case.

NOTE: Go to News 4 and vote for FREE SPEECH! Next thing you know we will be standing in line to receive our government approved toilet paper.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sworn Statements Detail Inmate Incident at Jail

John Laughon

By Jackelyn Barnard

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- First Coast News has obtained documents from an internal police investigation into an inmate injured in the Duval County Jail.

More than a dozen correction officers use of force reports detail the scene at the jail on the day of February 22, 2005.

That is the day that John Laughon went to Shands Hospital. Laughon is now in a persistant vegetative state because of injuries sustained in the incident.

Police say Laughon was attacked and was out of control. Laughon's family claims he had a seizure.

In the documents, obtained by First Coast News, one corrections officer writes that John Laughon was "kicking and violently swinging his arms."

Another wrote that he had to give Laughon "several knee spikes...ordered him to stop resisting...[but] Laughon continued to resist."

A third corrections officer explains how he "struck the inmate repeatedly, with a hammer fist, in the left lower back, buttocks and upper thigh area."

Another wrote how he had "a laceration on [his] face, claw marks on the forearm."

Attorney's for Laughon have repeatedly said something doesn't add up in the this case.

Sean Cronin, Laughon's attorney, told First Coast News two months ago, "JSO, through its sworn statements, is concealing the truth and I don't say that lightly. The physical evidence in this case is inconsistent with the sworn statements of JSO officers."

Shortly after the incident, JSO Chief Steve Weintraub said, "There were no outward signs of visible injuries requiring medical attention, but he was transported to Shands because of his mental health condition."

Hospital records show Laughon came into the hospital with no pulse.

A sworn statement obtained by First Coast News from a registered nurse at the hospital says when Laughon came into the hospital it "looked like he had purple stripes all up and down his back."

Another nurse told investigators how Laughon's bruising on his chest and back "looked like he had been hit with something that would have indicated some kind of trauma to me other than the abrasions that may have been caused from being restrained."

John Laughon is back in the hospital. He went in on Monday.

The city has asked for a gag order in the case, banning Laughon's attorney and family members from talking to the media.

A federal judge is expected to rule on the issue in the coming days.

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Makes you sick. It is obvious John WAS seizing and the guards were too stupid to realize it. A person having a seizure cannot control their movement, John could not stop moving around. He had no conscience control over what was happening. All these reports, after they originally claimed John had no OUTWARD SIGNS OF INJURY! For the record, John's doctor told mom, John was seizing when he saw him but he had stopped by the time he had the chance to speak to her. This was John's regular neuorologist.

City, JSO Want Gag Order on Inmate's Family

City, JSO Want Gag Order on Inmate's Family

John Laughon

Ginger Laughon

10/17/2006 11pm report

By Lindy Thackston
First Coast News

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- First Coast News is looking into why the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is trying to keep a First Coast mother from talking.

Ginger Laughon claims her son was beaten into a vegetative state while in the custody of correctional officers in February 2005.

Now, JSO and the City are asking for a gag order, arguing they may not get a fair trial.

Pictures family members say they took of John Laughon in the hospital after a struggle with officers show the 37-year-old with several bruises.

The family attorney told First Coast News that Laughon had broken ribs, collapsed lungs, and bleeding in the brain and chest cavity.

Laughon was serving a six month sentence on drug charges.

His mom says he is now in a persistent vegetative state that could last his lifetime.

Laughon is now on a hospital bed at his mother's house.

"I don't know if he's going to be better," Ginger Laughon told First Coast News earlier this year. "They've really taken his whole life away from him. He can't do anything."

She claims her son was assaulted by officers.

Documents from Shands Hospital show the Emergency Room doctor checked the box for "assault."

Last year, JSO made a statement, saying Laughon left the jail with minor injuries.

"There were no outward signs of visible injuries requiring medical attention, but he was transported to Shands because of his mental health condition," said JSO Chief Steve Weintraub in February 2005.

Since that time, Ginger Laughon and her attorney, Sean Cronin, have been outspoken.

First Coast News has obtained a motion, filed on behalf of JSO and the City of Jacksonville, requesting a gag order on Ginger Laughon and Sean Cronin.

The motion claims "the fairness of the trial is seriously threatened."

Howard Maltz represents the City and JSO.

Maltz would not comment on the motion on camera, saying it defeats the purpose of filing a motion for a gag order.

Maltz did say on the phone that "it's inappropriate for certain lawyers to be trying a case in the media."

Maltz would not elaborate.

NOTES: What is JSO trying to hide? They know if their officers and guards start feeling the heat someone will come forward!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Introducing Johnny Pot Seed

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Many of you may remember the story of Johnny Appleseed from when you were young. His manner of operation was simple. He went into the wilderness with a bag of apple seeds on his back until he found a likely spot for planting. There he would clear the land by chopping out weeds and brush by hand. Then he planted his apple seeds in neat rows and built a brush fence around the area to keep out straying animals. His nurseries varied in size.

Appleseed, Johnny (1774-1845), was the name given to John Chapman, an American pioneer who planted large numbers of apple trees along the early frontier. He became a folk hero as the result of many novels, short stories, and poems about his deeds. However, most of these deeds were probably imaginary.

Now, wouldn't it be great if there was a Johnny Potseed? Johnny Potseed could simply throw the seeds from his or her bag of pot out along the roadside, in parks, in neighborhoods, by fields and streams or other public places. The pot seeds would grow wild and uncontrollable everywhere they had thrown and little plants would pop up where the seeds had been thrown. How funny it would be to pull into a shopping center where you see the beautifully groomed plantings with automatic sprinklers with pot growing in them. All those ugly drainage ditches could be pretty and green if discarded seeds found their way in them. This shouldn't be done on your personal property where you may end up butting heads with law enforcement.

Wouldn't it be ironic to start a campaign such as Johnny Potseed to push the legalization of Marijuana? We would love someone start a Johnny Potseed campaign in our brother, John Gregory Laughon's honor.

If you have just stumbled upon this Blogspot you should read past posts and you will learn how my brother's 6 month sentence in the Duval County Jail for Marijuana POSSESSION has turned into life sentence in a vegetative state at the hands of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Jail Guards. My brother was not a drug dealer he used marijuana to help control seizures at night while he slept. My brother was not the first to be struck down at the hands of the JSO, there are many details I have added to this blog, some details I found in media archives. You be the judge! Does anyone deserve a life sentence over medicinal use of Marijuana?

Sunday, August 27, 2006

An Admittance of Guilt

City Responds to Allegations Of Inmate Beating

By Jacklyn Bernard
First Coast News

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- John Laughon is the only one who can say what exactly happened, but he can't talk.

Laughon is in a persistant vegetative state. He's been like this since February 22, 2005.

According to the police report, that's the day Laughon had an altercation with corrections officers at the jail and was taken to Shands Hospital with what was called "minor injuries."

"There were no outward signs of visible injuries requiring medical attention, but he was transported to Shands because of his mental health condition," Chief Steve Weintraub, of JSO, stated in February 2005.

Laughon's attorney, Sean Cronin, has said the JSO isn't telling the truth and is involved in a coverup because their statements and the facts don't add up.

First Coast News has uncovered doctors' reports which claim Laughon was assaulted.

Doctors said he had multiple broken ribs, he had no pulse and blood had filled his chest cavity.

Now, there is a new document uncovered by First Coast News. The city's response to the lawsuit and the beating allegations.

"This public statement states maybe this really did occur while in the hands of the JSO. It's inconsistent because JSO has repeatedly said he was not hurt, saying well maybe he was hurt by us," says Cronin.

According to the city's response, "The acts alleged... were committed by an officer or employee of the JSO and/or the City... and the JSO and/or the City are immune from liability."

"This is a way for the city trying to escape liability of individual officers actions," says Cronin.

Howard Maltz, attorney for the city, says the statement is not admitting guilt, but only invoking the amount of money that Laughon could receive.

Maltz says the caps are $100,000 per person and $200,000 per claim.

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NOTE: An admittance of guilt of sorts.
"The acts alleged... were committed by an officer or employee of the JSO and/or the City... and the JSO and/or the City are immune from liability." So much for the televised account that there were "no visable signs of injury" and "minor" injuries and transported for a psych evaluation. LIARS! ALL OF THEM ARE LIARS! There is a major cover up here!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Documents Show Laughon’s Injuries consistent with Assault

Last Update: 8/2/2006 3:42:08 PM
Posted By: Brandon Westerman

In a news conference Wednesday morning, lawyers for John Laughon showed documents from Shands Jacksonville that show Laughon's injuries were consistent with assault.

Laughon was arrested in 2005 on marijuana charges. While in jail, sources with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office say he attacked jail guards.

However, Laughon’s family says he was wasn't getting his required medications and had a seizure. They also claim a beating by guards left him in a vegetative state and are officially filing a law suit.

“The doctor, in her own handwriting, wrote a diagnosis. The first line says assault. This is what the doctors concluded happened,” said attorney Sean Cronin. “These injures are not consistent with someone having a seizure at the jail.”

Lawyers say that this is significant because jail guards said previously that when Laughon was taken to the hospital after he was subdued, he was fine.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME: What a wonderful birthday present!